Vende-se apartamento T0 com rendimento passivo em Reboleira
Vende-se apartamento T0 com rendimento passivo em Reboleira

Apartamento de 1 assoalhada localizado na Reboleira, Amadora. Nesta zona há supermercados à porta e comércio variado a poucos metros como farmácia, pastelarias, a poucos minutos a pé da Clínica de Santo António. Uma grande vantagem é que a estação de Metro da Reboleira está perto do apartamento. O apartamento está no sétimo andar. O […]

Vende-se apartamento luxuoso T4 em condomínio fechado
Vende-se apartamento luxuoso T4 em condomínio fechado

Este apartamento de 237m2 fica em condomínio privado. Tem uma piscina e estacionamento. O território é fechado e tem porteiro. Alem disso, há uma churrasqueira. Foi remodelado no final de 2022, com substituição de instalação elétrica e restauração do parquet. O prédio tem dois elevadores. Todos os quartos têm áreas grandes, cado deles têm roupeiros […]

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Casa ou moradia à venda em Alfama – Sé, Santa Maria Maior

In one of the best locations in the historic centre – Alfama, you will find this home, the most picturesque and authentic in the neighbourhood.

There is no other way of saying it.

These two connected buildings and their newly constructed interiors are the heart and soul of Alfama.

Sisters and acclaimed local artists turned interior decorators,  took these early 18th century buildings and keeping as much of the a mosaics, handmade stone walls and monuments as possible, magically turned this property into the most exquisite and luxurious property one could ever see in this historic district.

High standard of comfort, plenty of natural sunlight and bespoke golden decor by Lisboa sister artists.

-First floors: four bedrooms, two bathrooms.

-Second floor: four bedrooms, two bath.

-Third floor: One bedroom, one bath, a fully-equipped and brand-new kitchen, lounge and  dining area.

-Fourth floor: Stunning living room with sofa, armchair and a large terrace with the most superb view over the Tagus River and Alfama.

Leading you through each floor of this magnificent property is a cleverly designed modern floating staircase that magically takes you through each floor.

Fully furnished each suite and room is painted by the Alfama artists as well as stunning paintings, sculptures and newly refurbished mosaics that feel like little treats of regal divinity as you feel the strong foundations this property was built on.

A defining characteristic of this building is that in each room they have designed the windows and walls to create clean and bright natural light. This is due to the bow shaped windows helping light reflect and  shine into the interior from every angle at all times of the day.

Living here is like traveling back in time. A Portuguese Soul, a proud love of the past with the luxury of modern day facilities.   You will be immersed in this awe-inspiring environment with its golden paintings and walls, intricately decorated ceilings, vintage furniture, traditional Portuguese tiles and delicate crystal chandeliers.

The perfect property for nourishing your mind and soul.



idp : v2pmo5960npx
Tipo de Casa : Casa
Preço : 3.500.000
Estado : Segunda mão
Tamanho : Lote de 320 m²
Certificação energética : Certificação energética: c (Desempenho energético não facilitado)
Agente : Profissional. Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Portugal Property. +351-289981791
Localização : Alfama - Sé; Santa Maria Maior; Lisboa
Distrito : Santa Maria Maior
Cidade : Lisboa

Estrutura interna

Quartos : T9 ou mais
Casas de banho : 6


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