ACMedia’s International Platform


The entities referenced in this document, through their adequate alignment with ACMedia’s strategy constitute an INTERNATIONAL PLATFORM prime object of which is the defense of the legitimate interests of the consumers of media.



European Economic and Social Committee


This Committee was formed under the Treaty of Rome, in 1957; it is the only group in the European Union that is not connected to political parties; its mission is to influence the European Union Council, the European Commission and the European Parliament.


It is mandatory to consult the Committee, according to the treaties, and whenever the institutions consider it appropriate; the main objective is to obtain a greater adherence of the civil society to the European project. 


The European Union Council nominates the members of the Committee for a four-year period. The last nomination took place in October 2002. The Committee has plenary meetings in Brussels nine times during a year.


Because the members are so diverse, the Committee acts as a voice in the European community of the aspirations and questions of the civil society.



Focus Groups at European Commission


In order to implement a new regulatory framework for the delivery of audiovisual content at the European Directive “Television Without Frontiers”, the President of ACMedia participates with several experts in the different workshops to discuss:

§         The scope of future audiovisual content regulation

§         The determination of jurisdiction

§         The regulation of advertising

§         The right to information

§         The promotion of European content and independent production



FIATYR – Iberian Federation of Media Consumers Associations


FIATYR is a Non Governmental Organization, founded in 1991; it represents some twenty associations of consumers of media in Spain, and ACMedia in Portugal.


The Iberian Federation is a joint initiative of the Presidents of the Spanish and the Portuguese associations which, having identical objectives, decided to strengthen their support basis, thus creating an Iberian association to achieve, in the most effective way, the goals that they are pursuing.


The main objectives of FIATYR are:

§         To give families a critical consciousness, developing their capacities to choose between audiovisual offers

§         To include in the educational system projects that educate young people in the adequate use of the media

§         To increase the ethic and technological preparation of the social communication professionals


FIATYR also defends the achievement of the National and European legislation relating to audiovisual; enforces good taste, dignity of language and moral obligations.   It requires the right to receive impartial information and involves the sponsors of programs to accept and abide by their responsibilities in the financing and production of advertisements.  It promotes the usage of auto regulation, and of the co-regulation codes and requests an independent and autonomous regulatory authority in each country.


The Board of Directors of FIATYR, of which ACMedia is a permanent member, defends the rights of the consumers of media, promoting and coordinating initiatives that support their effective application. 



EURALVA - European Alliance of Listeners’ and Viewers’ Associations


EURALVA was founded in 1996 as an independent and influential alliance supporting Public Service Broadcasting at national and international level. EURALVA is the only organisation in Europe speaking for listeners and viewers on the full range of broadcasting and related issues.


ACMedia and other European associations have formed this alliance to defend the legitimate interest of listeners and viewers whether terrestrially or by satellite, or relayed by cable, or by a telecommunications system, in either analogue or digital form. 


The main objects of the Alliance are the enlargement of the geographical area of influence to promote best practices in media responsibility and accountability; the public service objectives; the use of new technologies; the engagement of the civil society.



International Observatories


ACMedia has observatories already positioned in several countries, with the objective of:

§         getting a better perception of the different components of the audiovisual world

§         collecting information about media

§         analyzing dominant trends in the areas near zones under observation


The observatories produce a permanent follow-up of the information society. They facilitate a dynamic relationship with personalities from various countries, and give an evaluation of changes both in the market and in the users.


ACMedia installs the observatories, after visiting the countries where they are to be implemented; as has already happened in countries located in the North of Europe, and in the Middle East.


ACMedia has also established strategic partnerships with International Observatories already functioning in Central Europe that analyze specific areas.



International University Forum


ACMedia considers the academic and the technological research fields to be a permanent source of support and is developing a continuous relationship both with professors and with universities in various countries. ACMedia has a Scientific Council, and it promotes workshops, conferences and seminars for the debating of issues that are of the utmost importance for the knowledge society.


Among the most relevant contributors received we emphasize the Kriegel Commission Report, the Clément and the Boyon Documents, the Regulation and Convergence Report, and a lot of others scientific papers that were written by professors from various universities and investigation centers.


In a time of great change in the media regulation process and also many technological improvements, the scientific area demonstrates strong support for ACMedia in all its projects.